Wolverine cosplay Guide

X-Men: Reverse the Future is a superhero movie released in 2014, adapted from the Marvel comic of the same name. It tells that in the near future, Team X is facing an existential crisis and they must rely on themselves. Try to change history and preserve the story of myself.

It seems that even after long years, Marvel will never go out of style, and its movies will attract a large number of fans as soon as they are released. In my opinion, the fatal attraction of Marvel lies in its realistic effects and novel themes.

Wolverine bears the responsibility of saving the fate of the mutant in “Reverse the Future”. He must use the power of the phantom cat Katie to travel through time and space to return to his young body to find and convince the young Professor X. Wan Wang, the opponent of the United Magic Woman, prevented the creation of the mutant’s natural enemy sentry.

As the hero of this TV series, he has won the love of many fans with his extraordinary power and bloody male hormones. If you want to show the charm of men in the performance, then there is no doubt that Wolverine is a good choice, let’s take a look at Wolverine cosplay costumes.


The whole piece of clothing is tight and can accentuate the powerful muscles of Wolverine. His sleeves are made of gauze and pineapple grid. You can find some leather, cut it into the corresponding shape, and stick it on the corresponding position of the sleeve to get a similar effect.


The pants are still all-match black, more loose, you can expand your skills at will, this is to promote more agile action.


The vest is a defensive tool used to protect the body from attack when Wolverine fights the enemy, so its material will be thicker, so you need to find a thicker but breathable vest. A good vest will make you look cool.


Finding a pair of black leather boots is not very difficult. Generally speaking, it is just like an ordinary cosplay clothing store. You can search on our website.

Other Accessories

Other accessories include sleeves, knee pads, leggings and belts. All these accessories are designed to prevent the character from being injured in battle with the enemy, and the equipment is professionally equipped.

In addition, I think Wolverine’s weapon is his most attractive place. You can make such a thing yourself, I believe.

Through this kind of role-playing, I believe that you will not only stay on the surface, but also better understand the character image of Wolverine. Cosplay is an art that helps people express themselves more directly, release themselves, experience different roles and gain different insights. I hope you enjoy this role play. Ask your friends to play Marvel characters together, it must be fun!